Can make yourself not check you Facebook feed for one day? I don’t even care if you update your own status but can you do the dishes or clean your house instead if it is needed?

choose wisely!

Kids, code, or blog? The choice is yours…

How about your emails? I know that almost all my emails are really just a waste of time and perhaps I should figure out a way to stop those emails from coming in…but then I would have no emails…

How about Netflix? A service that lets us watch a million different movies and shows at any time that we please, but of course we are all so busy that we have to watch when it might be better to catch up on sleep or a million other worthy tasks.

When people curse technology saying that it has complicated things more than it has helped…my mind blows up a little…of course I even say this from time to time when I am struggling to repair a computer…  But really technology helps us in leaps and bounds, it is not technology’s fault that we have enslaved ourselves to using it in a wasteful manner!

So what I am driving at here is that in digital discipline we must stop blaming technology as the problem.  In all reality we could call this series of blog posts “Self Discipline” but I like having the emphasis in technology.  A good book to read or listen to to build some self control is: “The Willpower Instinct”

A concept that can be used to help us get more from technology is Clearing to Neutral :

I have found this to be the best way to use and enjoy technology.  I prepare my iPod or Android phone the night before with audiobooks or podcasts that I want to listen to, then on the morrow when I hope in the work truck to be on the road for a few hours I just hit play.  I know that if I did not prepare that it would only take me a couple of minutes to que something up or just find something to play for background noise.  But it seem that life is, for whatever reason, too busy for that, and if I am not prepared or at least put some forethought into it, that I end up mindlessly listening to the radio…which is really a terrible option with all the great content I have stored on various devices.

The next issue is taking things personally or just wanting a perfect customization so badly that you lose sleep over it.  Yeah we all thought we were the cool hacker that stayed up all night drinking Jolt or Red Bulls, but after you realize that no one cares and you figure out that you stayed up all night to try and find the perfect wallpaper for your newly installed Linux laptop…there might be problems…

When something would not work I would take it as a personal insult and when I finally won (many times 3-4 in the morning) I would boast my victory…and then crash and wake up in a few hours and have the day from Hell!  So…many times it is not worth it, there are a few times when it is worth it and is totally appropriate, like getting a project done for a client.

What use of technology has your self control at ransom?