With technology I believe that you have all you need to excel.  And perhaps if you have a little less then you are forced to be creative and still excel as much as the next guy.


My favorite example is when I was going to community college and working a graveyard job.  There was a lot of content to remember from a human anatomy class and there was no way that I could do it.  But earlier I had taken the plunge and got a 30 gig iPod (this was well before the iPhone) and I also splurged on a add on recorder.  So I recorded the lectures and then listened to them while at work (when I could).

There are a lot of ways that you can use the simple and free technologies that are available to you to excel in whatever endeavor that you might have.  Below I have some examples that I have done…be careful though, I have fallen into the trap of spending too much time creating these and not really using them.  If it is more important to learn the thing you are formatting into technology, then give yourself a time limit and then use what you have made or formatted even if it is not perfect or pretty!

– Using Smartphone notes to memorize something
If you need to memorize something by reading then the notes app on your phone is perfect.  Don’t over complicate it, just type in the note, or email the note to yourself and copy and paste…then simply look, read aloud, and repeat.

– Using audio recordings to memorize something or reprogram yourself
Your brain is an amazing thing…but it works in its own way.  Repetition is the best way for the brain to retain something…Oh but you are so busy and have no time.  Well you drive or walk places, you listen to endless radio and whatever you may have on your iPod.  Record something that you want to retain and be able to recall and listen to that over and over again.

– Creating your own website with things to remember and information you want readily available
When I start a new job there is a ton to remember and in this fluctuating job market your employer wants you to learn it quickly and be competent ASAP!  At a few different jobs I have created myself a website with links to task and their explanation or processes.  Also part names and numbers, contacts, and even some javascript for making a custom item that the company sells!
See: Having and Internal Website https://hartsoffice.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/having-an-internal-website/

– Use Smartphone, computer, portable apps, spreadsheets and other programs to map and maintain you life or career
Portable apps are a Godsend if you are around a lot of Windows machines and need to have the same browser with the same settings and many other apps that are good for the student, the web programmer or even the gamer!  Check out their site: http://portableapps.com/

These are just some of my ideas, be as creative as you like, but also make sure to focus your creativity like a laser beam to get the most benefit  this blog post series is all about the discipline!