The thought that is most pre-dominantly on my mind is breaking away from mediocrity.  I can feel the slimly effects of being mundane, un-disciplined, and generally lazy.  Can’t you feel it?  Can you see it all around you?  Does it consume you and pain you as much as it does I?  That is the reason for my checklist.  To do the many little things that I believe if I can master then I could master more with my own life.


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Like most good ideas that I have, this has stewed in my mind for quite some time.  When I finally made myself do it, it was a simple list of things that I should do everyday.  If I did them I got one point for each item.  This was great for all those days that I sit and veg and think that there are things that I should do…but wasted to much time trying to decide on what to do.  With this list I simply scanned it and did whatever was easiest and then carried on through the list if I was at all capable of doing and of the items.  However I did feel that it was lacking so I tried making another version.


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This list is pretty much the same, a few changes to some items, added some checkboxes, and some notes at the bottom to help me figure out how to get the most from my day.  When I finally started to crunch through this list on a daily basis I found that there were some days that I did really well but I did not do the items on the list.  So I decided that I would use “The Wheel of Life” as describe by Dan Miller.  Then I would make a buffet that I could pick and choose items and try to reach 45 points a day to make myself active and productive.


photo 3

This is the final version that I am currently working with.  So far it has served me well.  I have not vastly improved though and I wonder if I put too many things that I never allow myself to sit down and get something done that takes more time.  I also really need to have a better point system where writing a blog post is worth 5 points since they take a little more time and effort.

If nothing else this checklist gets me in to do something with my day if I am becoming stagnate.  Another problem is that most of my side work is done at night after the kids are i bed and the wife is doing one of her projects…and getting to bed on time almost never happens.

So I would say that it is worth it to have a checklist like this.  At least it has proven better than not having one at all… I have tried deciding to scrap it and just keep myself active, but that has simply not worked.  Also having a point based system like this makes it a game where I try to score higher all the time.

What are some techniques that you have used to keep yourself active and improving each day?