Near the end of April my wife and kids went to the States to help my wife’s sister with her first baby.  I was excited for the time to get a lot done on my own projects that I thought the wife and kids were keeping me from getting done. I was even gonna have a little blog series on all the things that I did while they were away…sadly I didn’t really do much…

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Sure I did a lot of good work at my day job, but when I got home I spaced out.  And yeah I did clean the house, but really when it stays clean after you clean it, it is not as big of an accomplishment.  Probably the best thing that I did do was go exercise about three times in the week that my wife and kids were gone.

This was a fantastic eye opener.  Namely that it is not my wife and kids that are keeping me from getting things done…it is not that I don’t have enough time or that the conditions are not right.  The problem is with me and the habit that I have formed and concealed by blaming all other aspects of my life for the laziness that I excel at.

They have been back for a few days now and for whatever reason I am finally kicking myself into gear again to get some things (outside of maintaining my existence) done!

What habits or consequences are you suffering and blaming on others?