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Fear of Risk

I keep seeing hard working, intelligent people all around me with good ideas and neat talents but still struggle with contentment, money, and just overall life (myself included).

I was listening to a 48 days podcast that touched on fear and risk…and it hit me. We all take too little risk, or better yet we are just unwilling to risk anything for the things that we want.

There is a conundrum rattling around in my mind about time being wasted on busy work and how that relates to services where people are paid to standby for the convenience of others.

The other part of the conundrum is the saving up and then doing what I’ve always wanted or finally taking risk with persistence to reach goals and dreams.

Early in my marriage my wife and I decided to get out of debt, listened to Dave Ramsey for years and years. Finally reached that last February…  I am concerned that it took just under 10 years. The majority of my 20’s was spent digging out of debt aquire in the first year or two of this decade of my age, and that was only to the tune of around $40,000. I cringe to think that if I waited to save for a down payment on a house or have an emergency fund large enough to take big risks I will be 40…

The problem there is I am trying to make a risk not a risk…and risk wasting away the years of my life not benefiting and living in fear and doubt.

The problem goes on and on, doing something stupid with no plan and no income would be stupid  but pays off now and again and whatnot.

What risks are you taking and how are they working out?


My Beginning

She is on her way!

Is Technology just Novelty?

For my birthday I got a Galaxy S5 and I love it. My old iPhone 4 was getting pretty slow. It was painful to do anything on the Facebook app. Suddenly it was like a new world opened up to me and I started blogging, chatting, tweeting and posting like I once did…then I got caught up…and ended up in the same place I was not too much earlier.

Facebook still does not have an abundance of good stuff to read, blogging still takes a few minutes to sit down and think of something worthwhile to write. Reading still takes time to digest and is still not as valuable unless I take notes.

I have found that it is the novelty of a new device (before the new phone it was a windows tablet that I ended up reading comic books on more than anything…) that rekindles the desire to participate online.

And once again I feel the sting of a truth that I, and I am sure many others, just simply wish was not true. That solutions to struggles cannot be completely solved online or through a new phone, tablet or whatever.

Granted they can help in some aspects. My current problem is that I need to make a few extra thousand dollars before a trip to the states. I have chatted with people about it and the best we have come up with is mowing yards on the side. So I have done what I can online and with the phone but now I need to go get the mower,  go to houses to get the clients and so on.

But I still keep checking Facebook hoping that more of the work will have been done for me or that I can even do the work while laying in bed and between games of ‘Cut the Rope’.

I know that many astounding things have happened online so i don’t rule it out, but I will always firmly believe that somewhere along the line the, “metal has to meet the meat” as they would say in army terms, to have something beneficial happen for you and another party.

What are your thoughts, is being on your device all day starting to feel like a vacuum as well?

What’s the Hurry?

For some purely fabricated reason,  possibly by false urgency created by society and technology, I get in terrible rushes. This mostly happens when I am queuing up my social media posts.

I will be looking through Feedly and finding really neat articles that I relate to and want to repost.  Somewhere after an article or two I suddenly feel pressed for time. I frantically look at the blog title and scan the article. Then I end up just racing to the bolded text and hurry and queue them up…with my heart racing that I did this is a few minutes.

Later if someone likes the article and wants to talk about it…I only have superficial knowledge if any knowledge on the article…which is embarrassing.

After a recent episode like this I stopped and thought to myself, “What’s the point of doing this if I only rush and nothing good comes of it?” Also, “Why am I in such a hurry?”

Will I be a failure if I don’t hurry and repost a bunch of stuff? Why not spend more time on my own blog?

The Web already has a plethora of ‘stuff’. So I have concluded that if I want any publicity I should make my own content and worry about that, and make that content of good quality that I and others would care to read it.

Are you caught in the hamster wheel of reposting content?

Focus on Steps

I made a rather large goal shortly after becoming debt free. $40,000 in savings by December 15, 2014… This has been eating me up as of late, especially since we bought a new vehicle (2005 Chevy Suburban) which ate up the nice cushion of money that we did have.


As I was wallowing in torment over this I was reading others blogs from feedly and got some good insight. Insight about making goals smaller, more reachable or really just working on the smaller goals that will lead up to the larger one.

This eased my burden and I decided to worry about the closer things and than worry about the large hairy goal later.

So now I will focus on getting around $2,000 for repairs on this newer vehicle and then $2,000 for our trip to Utah in July. That takes my problem from $40,000 $4,000 only a tenth of the size!

Now granted I still need to do something extravegant to get that surplus money. But it is not such a mighty beast to vanquish!

Have you made a massive hairy goal that you need to step back from and attack something smaller?

A Hand from the Past

We always seem to have those moments when we look back and think that we have accomplished nothing. As if no goals have ever been met. Nothing we intended to write has been written. And absolutely no progression is being made whatsoever other than the prolonging of our existence.  I was having such an episode the last week when I remember that I wrote a book…I wrote this book when I was in much worse shape than I am now, and that book really did the trick!



The book was “How to Survive as a Complete Failure” and it has the log of things I did to get through when I was in the depths of failing. I read it a night ago and wanted to have contempt and say that the advice would not work for me…but I wrote it, and there were examples of when that advice did work for me. Which after I get over my pity party, got excited that I could do things to make my life better and I have proof that it works and that I actually wrote it down!

I am considering putting this on Kindle Self Publish, it is only 27 pages at the moment, but perhaps I will go through it once (correct spelling and grammar and whatnot…), and any new stories or experiences and call it the 2nd edition.

This blog is exactly the same thing. When I see people asking about how to start a blog, or that they want to write but they are not writers, I think of this blog… Which I have neglected at times, but have still written. When looking back on some of the post I reveal in the fact that “this is not the most terrible thing I have read!”

A big thank you for those who have been following this blog, keep a lookout on Kindle store for the “How to Survive as a Complete Failure” book!

What accomplishments from your past give you a boost?

Posting this draft from awhile back…

The goal of paying off my last credit card will come to fruition this month (being October 2013).  Now I am really excited for the next goal that I have made for myself, even my wife is fully on board.  That goal is to pay off all the student loan debt, which is the only debt we have left…, but there is one problem, I have no idea how to do that and I am working myself into anxiety over it…


This is my daughter, Mercedes, helping me take apart broken laptops at Grandpa’s and Grandma’s.

While Mercedes has no idea about how to take apart computer or what to do with the parts when the computers are broken down, but that does not stop her.  She picks up what she sees me pick up and just starts working on it. 

While I have been pacing and stewing and contemplating on what I can do to earn extra money to reach my new goal, I finally decided tonight that I will just start doing…anything.  And reviving the blog that I once wrote so often for seemed a good place to start.

I started browsing through pictures that I unloaded off of my iPhone and I came across this one of Mercedes working on a computer.

As always my children teach me something about life.  Just start doing something!  Don’t worry about wither or not you can!  Emulate others who are doing what you want to do.  You see them all the time.

Motor Mind

Posting draft from awhile back..

Had a fairly busy time this last week.  Along with my day job I prepared a computer course for 18 people, which was a little nerve racking.  But I did something that covered the gaps and nervousness in my teaching.  I made a  booklet with copious notes and many screenshots that laid out everything I was going to teach.  That saving grace was a thought in my mind about a week before the class was to start…


I have read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and have listened to it many times.  While I am not a perfect student or act on all the principles all the time, I do act on something because I have heard it so many times and decide to try it out.  In this case I went to program my subconscious mind to accept the thing that I wanted it to work on. 


I was thinking about the class and getting nervous about it when the picture of a booklet of notes came to mind.  I got excited about cause that could be my notes to teach, and also there notes to learn from.  And with a large class some could read ahead and I would have appropriate comics from the internet to keep the really bored ones entertained.  I pictured the size, the pages with screenshots and that it was nicely bounded with a clear cover.


I imagined this again the next night and even got particular about the details, it was bounded with a black spiral binding, and the cover was clear.  CLEAR I SAY!  So when I got to work on it and was going to print it… that was rather expensive, so I had to find way to make it cheaper.  My boss at the day job let me print them at the shop.  Then I went to school that I was teaching at and asked about binding.  They suggested all sorts of cheaper ways to do so but it stuck in my mind that it would not be as classy and professional as I have imagined it.  So in the end I paid for some nice binding but not for any of the printing or color ink.


The people in the class liked the book so much that I got an email about getting more copies cause other at the office were jealous of such a great little book.


What I have taken from this experience is how we use our minds to dream, make a vision, and make those things actually happen.