Posting draft from awhile back..

Had a fairly busy time this last week.  Along with my day job I prepared a computer course for 18 people, which was a little nerve racking.  But I did something that covered the gaps and nervousness in my teaching.  I made a  booklet with copious notes and many screenshots that laid out everything I was going to teach.  That saving grace was a thought in my mind about a week before the class was to start…


I have read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and have listened to it many times.  While I am not a perfect student or act on all the principles all the time, I do act on something because I have heard it so many times and decide to try it out.  In this case I went to program my subconscious mind to accept the thing that I wanted it to work on. 


I was thinking about the class and getting nervous about it when the picture of a booklet of notes came to mind.  I got excited about cause that could be my notes to teach, and also there notes to learn from.  And with a large class some could read ahead and I would have appropriate comics from the internet to keep the really bored ones entertained.  I pictured the size, the pages with screenshots and that it was nicely bounded with a clear cover.


I imagined this again the next night and even got particular about the details, it was bounded with a black spiral binding, and the cover was clear.  CLEAR I SAY!  So when I got to work on it and was going to print it… that was rather expensive, so I had to find way to make it cheaper.  My boss at the day job let me print them at the shop.  Then I went to school that I was teaching at and asked about binding.  They suggested all sorts of cheaper ways to do so but it stuck in my mind that it would not be as classy and professional as I have imagined it.  So in the end I paid for some nice binding but not for any of the printing or color ink.


The people in the class liked the book so much that I got an email about getting more copies cause other at the office were jealous of such a great little book.


What I have taken from this experience is how we use our minds to dream, make a vision, and make those things actually happen.