It’s the end of 2014, of course we are reflective, remorseful, inspired, ambitious and renewed.


Chloe chilling at Grandpa house, we all really enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing.

Over my Christmas break I had a lot of time to consider how I did this year in my life. Also what I want to do in the upcoming year. The more I thought about it…of course the more discouraged I got about not meeting a lot of goals and not feeling like I have moved forward.

But something awesome happened! As I analysed my goals and progress I was thinking of things that I could have done and will do to improve…And a wave of ‘I’m a big boy’ swept over me!

I can do whatever I want, I don’t have to do what other people tell me, I can be nerdy with lists and little helper programs and be made fun of but yet I will become superior!

That is one side of it…the other is still inspiring yet a little sadder…

What I may think is holding me back isn’t. The boss isn’t trying to make me fumble, the wife is not stealing all my money and wasting on house junk (maybe on kids junk…lol), the economy is not destroying me and most of all I REALLY DO HAVE THE TIME!

My brain is wired wrong, some major reprogramming is in order. I have a phobia of poverty, I have an excessive dread of being a wage slave all of my life. And these things are simply things that are wrong inside my head like a narcosis…

But the light at the end of the tunnel is that I really know this, that this is the reality…and I can work on that, I can change things. And then I can do the little things that nobody was stopping me from doing in the first place…and I can have the most incredible life… .. …this year(2015)!

This, and the million other things I was crunching in my mind, is why I told my wife while we drove from Utah to Alberta, that 2015 will be mind blowing!

Lets hear some craziness, what are you doing this year?