I have pulled my back again, in fact it was almost 2 weeks ago from this writing when I pulled it. The pain has been exhausting and mentally all consuming.


Above is a picture of my oldest daughter Mercedes, she was so sick that she had to sleep in the bathroom, and of course, she needed to be be cuddled…so I slept on the bathroom floor too!

After the adjustments at the chiropractor the nerve calmed down a bit but the muscles still ached incredibly. I got a massage and finally one big muscle near the lowest part of my back finally gave up and relaxed. I thought all would be well very soon…but the other side (my left) still has a muscle that is giving me pure agony and still has me hobbling around like an old man… I literally walked out of the store half hunched over as an elderly man did the same walking in!

To add to this my co-worker was extremely ill with a cold of some kind, I got it one day after him and it is a miserable beast! Congested lungs, plugged or non-stop runny nose, loogies and my favorite shortness of breath as I went to and fro for tissues and toilet paper.

This was one week into my back pain, and if two major evils joining forces should ever scare anyone, this one should terrify any and all the working class to their bones. When  you cough your back muscles tense up, when you sneeze those nerves in and around your spine light up the brightest red (whatever that means). Resting prolongs those sore spasmodic muscles while activity keeps your lungs sore and your sinuses pounding. And, as I discovered with the others who had this un-naturally powerful cold, it does not ago away for weeks!

A powerful truth has come to me over and over again as I have been working through this. When you are healthy it is a gift!

Before all this drama I have been feeling rushed, thinking I had no time to relax, work on my own things, to take care of things at work or at home. But really I have been squandering time and worrying pointlessly.

I think of the Matthew effect and how I have not used my talents. Perhaps a good solid, prolonged illness and injury is a way to show me the reality of the world and how much ability,  time, and potential I really do have.

And I have no doubt that this is to help increase my sincere gratitude for simple things, along with and also empathy for those who might be hobbling around with back pain or who may not be really responsive due to their colds or flu.

I have been meaning to get back into my blogging and other ventures, allowing all sorts of excuses to prevent me. I said at the beginning of the year that 2015 would be mind blowing, and I now have just the later half of this year to still make that true.

What are you suffering from that has increased your gratitude?