A little about the Blog

My name is Michael Hart, and I started this blog thinking that I would focus mostly on technology and a little about productivity. But as I have continued to write I find that enjoy more the human side of things, I like getting motivated and helping others get motivated. If anything I yearn for, write about, and am always trying to improve being active. I feel that I have been inactive or acting with no direction or guidance.

This blog is about my journey out of such a place and seeking others who are also actively seeking to get to that better place whatever it may be. Technology is a great assistant for this, but many do not use it in that way. More often than not people use technology to numb themselves and pay great amounts to be mindlessly entertained. I do not belittle the avid media consumer, I love listening to music and watching movies and TV shows. But I want something greater, and the resources that we have to do greater things are so abundant!

There are four main topics or genres to my posts:

How to Survive as a Complete Failure


I Love Thinking Space!

Always thinking of Zombies

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And a little about me:

I am 28 years old, married to the beautiful and multi-talented Amy (Seiter) Hart. We have two daughters Mercedes who is two years old and ultra active, she continually insists I play with her as I am trying to get work done on the computer, and Chloe who was born in February of this year.

I have taken about 3 years (accumulative) of Computer Science at Utah Valley University, which means I have taken more generals than actual computer science courses, and have not yet graduated. I have dabbled in programming in C, C#, Visual Basic, scripting in HTML, CSS, and PHP w/MySQL.

I currently live in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

I am working full time at Reality Bytes Incorporated, a computer shop that does IT services, and sales computers, accessories and Bell mobile phones.

I make (or have made since I have little time for it now) over 50 Android apps and hope to make more.

I teach computer courses at the Drumheller Furthered Education building, and hope to do a lot there this year.

My Goals:

I have a lot of ambitions, but there are a few big things that I really want to accomplish this year:

* Become Debt Free
* Get 20,000 followers on Twitter.