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Some Undead: Day Two

It has been a restless night and an odd day, in light of the events Amy and I slept very lightly, the kids cried here and there through out the night, except these time when they did it filled us with absolute horror, if we had candy and soda pop at our disposal we would have given it them, well at least I would have.  Every rustling noise keep us on the defensive.

Oddly enough we still had power, light could be turned on, but we left them off, I was weary to use the toilet, but did not want to deal with any waste in a bucket or something so we used the bathroom, taking turns using the toilet, then peering down the stairs past the dresser that blocked it and then flushed while I kept guard at the stairs and Amy and my daughters stayed huddled in out bedroom.

When it became light outside I looked out the bedroom window to see about a dozen people roaming around, definitely zombie like, some of my first thoughts were, that I would have to somehow tell my boss why I will not be coming into work, then I realized how absurd that was, if my phone has no service and demonized people are lurking about, I am sure he is not too worried about me showing up.

Amy and I discussed late into the night what was happening and what we are going to do about it.  It dawned on us that we have no access to guns.  I have a hand gun in the states, but the hell I went through at the border about owning a gun that I left in Utah gave me no desire to bother with any kind of gun, since guns make you evil for whatever reasons.

We had a little bit of food that Amy brought up stairs when she secured the house, she says that it was just reactive, she noticed things going on outside and just covered windows and grabbed the essentials and then worried about keeping the kids quiet. But she told me last night of all the little odds and ends that we needed.  Baby supplies and some more food, but almost anything would be worth getting upstairs to help our situation.  So I needed to go downstairs and get what I could.

I climbed over the dresser that blocked the stairs and with arms and legs shaking…I could not get rid of the image of the lady that was banging on my truck and the cruel demon face that she was making…I slowly stepped down the stair, making sonic booms of creaks all the way down.  I peeked my head around the hall wall and did not see anybody. I gathered what I could from the main room, then I heard some tapping at a window, and without even thinking just turned around and walked upstairs.

Most of our efforts were trying to keep our two daughters as quiet as we could as to not attract any more of these zombie like creatures towards our house, I need to make a run to the basement since a lot of our food that can last at ambient temperatures is down there.  But for some reason it seems absolutely dreadful to go that far, like I will be cut off from the family or they will not be safe or any number of things could happen.


Some Undead: Day One

A short Story Series:

I never write in this journal, I mean, I did at one point, but then things just too busy like they do for just about everyone.  Today life became busy in a much more horrific way that only after calming my wife and children was I able to sit down and think it through rather than just react.

The day started out normal, went to work and sat around talking to people about computers as they came into the store, the place smelled a little funny and I felt light headed most of the day, later someone found that it was gas leak, I thought I was going to be sick, but nobody was sent home, so I just endured it.

On the way home I saw a lady and a man fighting, they were menacingly tearing away at each other.  I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I had to do something, I read somewhere that when people need help most are cowards and look away when all they would have needed to do was yell or approach.  I pulled my old Bronco truck over and just as I did I saw the man fall to the ground bleeding all over the street! Without missing a beat the lady ran towards my vehicle and started pounding on the passenger side window.

I have never seen anything more terrifying, a person possessed with the most cruelly angry demon is the only thing I can imagine that could make a face and noises that this thing that must of been woman, was making.  I was paralyzed with fear, I was trying to will myself to put the truck back in drive without success when a second demonized person smacked the back of my truck, peeked for a moment in the back window…I could see him in the rear view mirror, and rapidly groped his way eagerly along the driver side of my truck.  That was all I needed, I put the truck in drive and hit on the gas.

It only takes about a minute to get to my house from my work while driving but the few people that were out on this chilly day were all actually bizarre and I was too scared to pull over and investigate for fear of my life.  I came to a traffic light that I could tell that already two cars got into an accident, it was green for me but I could see a semi truck that ignored his red light, smacked into the two cars stuck in the intersection, (which now that I think about it those cars had no one in them, by them and there were no police, I think they may have both still been running…) and that big rig jack knifed and came to a stop, blocking more than two thirds of the intersection.

Looking back I know the adrenaline was pumping I was not freaking out, just assessing how to get home to my wife and two daughters.  I didn’t see the light anymore, just looked to see if anyone would hit me and pulled around the semi trailer and gunned it to my house, to get into the back alley that leads to my house I had to pull onto someone’s back yard cause there was a running mini in the way of the alley, I don’t recall if someone was in, I was too ramped up to even care.  I was soggy ad rainy today so I got mad all over that yard and the truck, but I was able to get to the back fence of my house.

I could see two more people that were moaning and making sickening noises with jaws, I jumped out of the truck, locked my door and ran towards the house, all the lights were off and when I tried to open the door it was locked.  I banged on it a few times and then noticed the two strange noise making people looking towards me, I grabbed my keys and shaked violently as I stabbed at getting it in the door, the lock mechanism is loose and you have to use the key to get the keyhole to line up, as a person started to approach I dropped the keys, and was about to burst into tears, or wet myself, probably both at the same time.  I cussed at myself for a second, picked up the keys and slowly get them in the door and opened it, stepped inside, closed the door and relocked the dead bolt. It was pitch dark inside…

Any window that light could come through was covered by something, even the windows on the door looked like they had card board held up by duct tape, and it was done in a hurry.  I tried to whisper for Amy, I opened the basement door, it was pitch dark down there, I whispered for Amy, for Merecedes,  I thought of calling for my newborn but the fear and tears swelled up at thought that something might have happened to all of them.  There was no answer from the basement.

I slowly closed the door and worked my way down our small house’s little hallway, whispering for my wife, no answer, I reached the bottom of the stairs, my eyes were starting to adjust but all the windows were covered so well that I still had a hard time seeing.  I found the railing and started walking up the stairs.  About halfway up my leg hit something, a shot of panic passed over me like a tidal wave and my fist clenched up and I punched toward the object I bumped, as pain filled my hand I punched what I later realized was a dresser drawer.  I continued my way up the stairs and found that the dresser that belonged to that drawer was blocking the top of the stairs.  Still I heard nothing, I pushed on the dresser but it had more support behind it, so I managed to get on top of the dresser, and could still see almost nothing, I softly called out, “Amy, Mercedes…..Chloe?”  I heard a quite sob and then my wife said, “Michael?”

As I moved over the dresser I could see my wife in our bedroom, Mercedes, our 2 year old playing with her iPhone, and clenched in her arms was our 1 month old daughter Chloe….

There was a little light in our room because Amy was able to have the blinds slightly open, she told me that she saw something like what I saw on the way home, people were acting crazy, but there were very few on the street, one starting banging on a door, at first she hid in the basement since our food storage is there, somehow got the kids destracted or napping, and went and covered all the windows, and slowly and as quietly as possible got our kids upstairs and a little bit of food, when there was more banging on the house she made a blockade at the top of the stairs.

She said she called and texts me a few times, when I pulled out my phone I noticed about twelve missed called, some amount of text messages, and a no signal symbol.

We are having a hard time falling asleep tonight, so I found this old journal, and figured I should take some notes.