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Febuary 12, 2000

Today’s the first day I’ve got this Journal, today was a slow “I’m tired” type day, mostly because I stayed up all last night, at a dance with my friends.  I went shopping with my mom, she went in and out of material store’s very quickly, she wanted me to be proud of her.  I played the computer a bit, found out my friends CD is missing, “Magicaly”  But later on I went to a dance with my cozin GUY1, I didn’t do much, probably because it was a major western theme, and GIRL1 wasn’t there, and I was also very tired to begin with.  So all in all it’s been a pretty good day, and now I go to sleep.

End 12:53 AM sunday 13, 2000

[Now me in right now…at the time of making this post]

I left the spelling errors in and tried to make it as much like my journal entry as possible.  Maybe not as magical as I had hope, but hey this is really my first time writing in something that I would keep for as long as I live!


[Note: posting a page from an old journal, name are changed to guy1, girl1 and do not much up to guy1 or girl in other postings.]

Wednesday, January 16th, 2002

Well I’ve had a killer toothache the last few days.  Yesterday I went to the dentist and got Antibiotics and nice painkillers prescribed to me.  Sometimes the painkillers work really nice, and sometimes they don’t work at all, which is rather bothersome.  Well I missed my chance to save my English and Math grade, my electronics [class] never had a prayer, so that’s three F’s I can count on and I am pretty sure rest of my classes aren’t that promising.  My dad has been asking a lot lately how I’m doing in school, veins will pop out his neck when he gets my report card.  I’ve been using my cd burner a bit, it sure is fast, and I put a picture of Rachel Leigh Cook (a hot actress) on my computer’s wallpaper.  Lately I’ve had writers block on everything.  I can’t even get moving on my “Mafia High” story I’ve been excitedly creating in my mind.  Girl1 has been real cool lately, not getting mad over anything.  And Girl2 sure gets close every chance that she gets, I don’t mind, but Girl1 and Guy1 sure do.  Well goodnight.

[Note: I am blank on what to blog about, and have so much going on that I will be staying blank for awhile now I’m sure, so here is the first of entries from my old journals!]

Wednesday, August 29th 2001

In school today I was in the assembly helping people learn the AF high song.  That’s kinda funny being as I refused to sing it at all in earlier assemblies.  Biology was really really really interesting today.  I learned about neuron transmitters and stuff like that.  After school me Guy1, Girl1, and Girl2 were at my house and me and Guy1 took out the benches in the van and went to Sanaquin and took one load over to a storage unit, (Guy2 is moving to PG and going to AF High!).  Girl1 didn’t eat at Guy2’s, she was mad cause the night before I left her house so as not to get in trouble and stayed till 8:00ish at Guy2’s house.  Well after being mad a little bit, Girl1 told me to call her, (she was on ICQ) so I did and she was sorry, and I come up to give her a hug, and she was trying to not let me go and was even hugging me till I got to the little black car.  Now I’m burning CD’s but the dumb thing they got install codes.  I HATE INSTALL CODES