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I have pulled my back again, in fact it was almost 2 weeks ago from this writing when I pulled it. The pain has been exhausting and mentally all consuming.


Above is a picture of my oldest daughter Mercedes, she was so sick that she had to sleep in the bathroom, and of course, she needed to be be cuddled…so I slept on the bathroom floor too!

After the adjustments at the chiropractor the nerve calmed down a bit but the muscles still ached incredibly. I got a massage and finally one big muscle near the lowest part of my back finally gave up and relaxed. I thought all would be well very soon…but the other side (my left) still has a muscle that is giving me pure agony and still has me hobbling around like an old man… I literally walked out of the store half hunched over as an elderly man did the same walking in!

To add to this my co-worker was extremely ill with a cold of some kind, I got it one day after him and it is a miserable beast! Congested lungs, plugged or non-stop runny nose, loogies and my favorite shortness of breath as I went to and fro for tissues and toilet paper.

This was one week into my back pain, and if two major evils joining forces should ever scare anyone, this one should terrify any and all the working class to their bones. When  you cough your back muscles tense up, when you sneeze those nerves in and around your spine light up the brightest red (whatever that means). Resting prolongs those sore spasmodic muscles while activity keeps your lungs sore and your sinuses pounding. And, as I discovered with the others who had this un-naturally powerful cold, it does not ago away for weeks!

A powerful truth has come to me over and over again as I have been working through this. When you are healthy it is a gift!

Before all this drama I have been feeling rushed, thinking I had no time to relax, work on my own things, to take care of things at work or at home. But really I have been squandering time and worrying pointlessly.

I think of the Matthew effect and how I have not used my talents. Perhaps a good solid, prolonged illness and injury is a way to show me the reality of the world and how much ability,  time, and potential I really do have.

And I have no doubt that this is to help increase my sincere gratitude for simple things, along with and also empathy for those who might be hobbling around with back pain or who may not be really responsive due to their colds or flu.

I have been meaning to get back into my blogging and other ventures, allowing all sorts of excuses to prevent me. I said at the beginning of the year that 2015 would be mind blowing, and I now have just the later half of this year to still make that true.

What are you suffering from that has increased your gratitude?


Fear of Risk

I keep seeing hard working, intelligent people all around me with good ideas and neat talents but still struggle with contentment, money, and just overall life (myself included).

I was listening to a 48 days podcast that touched on fear and risk…and it hit me. We all take too little risk, or better yet we are just unwilling to risk anything for the things that we want.

There is a conundrum rattling around in my mind about time being wasted on busy work and how that relates to services where people are paid to standby for the convenience of others.

The other part of the conundrum is the saving up and then doing what I’ve always wanted or finally taking risk with persistence to reach goals and dreams.

Early in my marriage my wife and I decided to get out of debt, listened to Dave Ramsey for years and years. Finally reached that last February…  I am concerned that it took just under 10 years. The majority of my 20’s was spent digging out of debt aquire in the first year or two of this decade of my age, and that was only to the tune of around $40,000. I cringe to think that if I waited to save for a down payment on a house or have an emergency fund large enough to take big risks I will be 40…

The problem there is I am trying to make a risk not a risk…and risk wasting away the years of my life not benefiting and living in fear and doubt.

The problem goes on and on, doing something stupid with no plan and no income would be stupid  but pays off now and again and whatnot.

What risks are you taking and how are they working out?

My Beginning

She is on her way!

A New 2 Year Mission

With this new job of picking up and dropping up oilfield pumps and repairing them is a really sweet gig.  And I made a promise to the manager or owner of the franchise that I would stay for 2 years.  So I will not be leaving Canada until August 2014! 


~~~ Here I have a picture of how much I want to be making per year, this will be instrumental in achieving my lofty goals! ~~~

Since I am learning it all from scratch it seems rather overwhelming even though there is not a ton to learn I am still so out of my element that I am a little fretful.  But it got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2 years time and this job will help me do those things.

First off I am ridding myself of the stench of desperation and getting a steady income.  The job itself comes with a lot of perks right out of the gate and there are a lot more perks that I will get after I have been working for 3 months.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been working this new job AND washing dishes at night, my last night at the second job was last night and today I have been in a weird daze not knowing what to do with myself, where when I was washing dishes I could not stop thinking of all the thing that I could do if I did not have the dish washing obligation.

I got on my Twitter account and no one was chatting with me, I was chatting with some people before and I forget how to get people engaged. Oh well I can refocus and try again!

SO the goals for these next two years is to get out of debt, then have a crazy amount of savings.  THEN I had the notion that I wanted to live in a couple of countries in Europe and learn Italian, French, German, Russian, and just for kicks Japanese.  I will spend two years in each respective country so from 2014 – 2016 in Italy, from 2016-2018 in Germany, from 2018-2020 in France and from 2020-2022 in Japan.  Oh and I gotta throw Russia in there somewhere too. Crazily enough my wife is on board with such a lofty goal.  But to obtain it I will need to make a lot more money than I would with just the one amazing job that I have now.

So in light of that in these next two years I am planning to write at least one great book and getting that book on the best sellers list.  I know nothing about this, yes I am creating a platform of Twitter and Facebook followers, and I do have a project that almost wrote itself for the first draft called “How to Survive as a Complete Failure.” That is a motivational book and a Novel titled “Daddy’s War” that I have only got to 6 pages, so all and all I have a good start.  But I know that I will have to invest in a professional editor, a literary agent and even have to approach real publishers instead of just doing the self publish thing.

The 2 year mission is to make all this happen and have the income to support the dream of learning many languages.  I like calling it a 2 year mission cause when I went on my two year mission for my church I marvelled at the fact that if I focused on one thing for two years there is no way that I would not be amazing at the one thing.

Want to join me on this crazy ride?  What are your big, far out there dreams and what are you planning to do about them?

I am a Writer!

Since I have gotten my new job as a pump picker uper and deliver, and repairer, I have not had much time to write.  And even when I do I really just feel like watching Family Guy and Firefly on Netflix.  In my wallet I have things I repeat to myself on a 3×5 card so that I do not forget what I am striving for.  And that fact that I am a writer is one of them.

You very well may be a writer yourself, or something else great that you are always thinking about.  Don’t lose sight of it just cause you got a new intensive job, or your current job may be brain numbing. 

Jot your ideas down somewhere, at my new oilfield job I inherited a large planner book for the year, and since the year is more than half over there are a ton of blank pages, I sneak my ideas and thoughts into this planner…for some reason when I write them throughout the day they seem brilliant but when I get home they seem mediocre.  Regardless keep your dream alive anyway you can.  The most crazy ways are probably the best.

Make sure that whatever you produce is available to anyone who wants it.  I have a Dropbox account and I save my writing or other such things as PDF’s.  Then put a link to download these in my Tweets and Facebook posts.

Enjoy who you are and keep living the dream!

What are some ways that you keep your dream alive?

The one thing that I have noticed when trying to strike out on my own is that when I am desperate I have a stench about me.  I reek of desperation.  And when you think about it, how often do you want to do business or purchase something from someone who stinks of desperation?

If someone has confidence and is not too pushy tells you about something they are selling, it is almost too east to listen to them.  You don’t fear that they are simply trying to push something on you for their own sake.

Having a full time job again has helped me get rid of that stench for now.  And I feel much more free to just go a head and do things.  Yes it is not kosher to write a bunch of post for your blog in one day, that may overwhelm your followers.  But now I really don’t care, I will write just for writing and for myself in hope that it will help others or at least get them moving towards something better.  And I can relax and “find my voice”.

Are you reeking of desperation?

Social Spasm

Are you having a rough time wadding through all this social media? Worse yet are you putting a lot of time into it and not getting a following yourself? Let dissect this a little bit, I promise it will help you improve your social media standing! 


Recently I was following a bunch of people on Twitter, I will admit that I was follower fishing.  Then I got a limit warning and I was not able to follow any more until I have as many followers as I was following.  So then I went over to Facebook and friended a whole bunch of people that it suggested and then I got a warning that I was not using that feature the way it was intended.  It was then that I realized that I was having a Social Spasm…

I will be dissecting the reasons why I was doing this, and I imagine that it is the same reason that you and many others are doing the same.

1.  I want to have a large following:

If we will be honest with ourselves we all want a huge following, it is a badge of honour, it says that people care what we think and say.

2.  I want the law of averages to work in my favour:

I may get on Twitter in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.  I would love nothing more than to get on and have someone to have a real, intelligent and profitable conversation with.  I almost wish it were a chat room.  I have around 400 followers now and it is still conversations with the few people that actually chat back when I had about a dozen followers.  And those chats only happen if they are online.  Hence why I am grouping in the dark to get more followers.

3.  Somehow a large following will solve my money problems:

I hear all the time how someone wrote an ebook and then put links to it on their social media, they have 20,000 or more followers and about 2% buy their book… all their money problems dissolve and sexy parties abound. The only problem is, how did they get that many followers in the first place?

The reality is that it is still a social conversation, you have to give as much, or a whole lot more, than you receive.  People don’t want to be endlessly sold too either.  Also social media is not a replacement for actually being social, so we have these spasms whenever we are desperate for interaction.

The Buffer service is a great tool for people like me who have a truck load to say in one sitting, it will take your tweets and Facebook posts and que them up, then post them spaced out so that you are not spamming people.

I am really interested in what you do to get more followers and have success in the social media area, please leave me a comment!

When I play Starcraft II, there are two things that usually work me, cranking out marines as fast as I can and rushing (speed of implementation) and then if the game goes longer I build multiple bases to keep my economy strong (multiple streams of income), I figured this out after a lot of experimenting.  I want to apply this to my real life!

Nothing frustrates me more than when I try to work with people and they want to wait, postpone, think about it forever and then eventually forget all about it.  In these cases I would much rather have a straight up “No, I will never ever do this, have a nice day.”

When I was down in Utah I finally voiced that I was so tired of how long everything takes where I am living now…I want to move back to Utah but then all that I have accomplished here will go down the toilet…except the blog, social media and what not…but all the contacts and teaching gigs will for sure be gone and I will have to start all that over again, not to mention that I don’t have the money to move.

So back to the point, the way to do something that works is to experiment!

Elevator Pitch

“I train and coach how to use office software such as Excel or Powerpoint, this helps people become more valuable to their employers”

“Unlike most software coaches I have follow up content, downloads, and tutorials, so questions can be answered as the situation arises.”

“How does your company train for new software?”

This is my wife’s blog, she is really into this new gardening, take a read she is a great writer!

Square Footing Gardening in the Badlands

In Mel’s book, he recommends that you build 4ft by 4ft raised boxes in your current garden space, or if you have a patio garden you can build a 1ft by 4ft box planter, each of these being 6inches deep.  Well, my landlord said I could build planter boxes as long as they looked like the ones they provide to each unit in the complex and was made out of treated wood.  Their planter box is 2ft by 4ft and 12inches deep made with three 2x4s stacked and a 1/2in treated plywood bottom.  I was planning on using theirs too but I wanted at least two more.

In an attempt to save as much money as possible I called all around to find the best priced lumber as well as researched any downside to using treated wood.  Conclusions, when gas cost is factored in co-op here in Drumheller is actually…

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