Every month in my family budget my wife and I get so much blow money.  This month (and many other months I am sure) I will be trying something different.  I want to pay $50 dollars to someone out there who is willing to help me find side work.


I have a credit card that I am absolutely sick of and want to pay off and then destroy the card.  In order to do that I need to make some extra money.

The deal is that if you find me a gig or a temp job that I can make at least $500 in week from, then I will pay you $50 for the finder’s fee.

Certain criteria are needed for the gig:

*  Something that I can do locally in or around the Drumheller area…
*  Over the internet such as building a website or computer consulting.

*  My day job can be sporadic, if I get a call or have to work late I cannot get around that.

*  I would have to make at least $500 in a week for you to get the finder’s fee.

*  No MLM (Multi Level Marketing), Pyramid schemes, or other such things.

*  Payment for the finders fee comes after I have obtained the work and earned $500 or know that I will earn at least $500,

*  If you, yourself, are providing a gig I will gladly give 10% off off whatever we agree upon.

*  I will gladly accept smaller paying gigs but the finder fee will be reduced, such as $10 for a $100 gig $20 for a $200 gig etc.

*  I can turn down any gig for any reason.

To get a feeling for what I can provide you may check out my resume here.