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Is Technology just Novelty?

For my birthday I got a Galaxy S5 and I love it. My old iPhone 4 was getting pretty slow. It was painful to do anything on the Facebook app. Suddenly it was like a new world opened up to me and I started blogging, chatting, tweeting and posting like I once did…then I got caught up…and ended up in the same place I was not too much earlier.

Facebook still does not have an abundance of good stuff to read, blogging still takes a few minutes to sit down and think of something worthwhile to write. Reading still takes time to digest and is still not as valuable unless I take notes.

I have found that it is the novelty of a new device (before the new phone it was a windows tablet that I ended up reading comic books on more than anything…) that rekindles the desire to participate online.

And once again I feel the sting of a truth that I, and I am sure many others, just simply wish was not true. That solutions to struggles cannot be completely solved online or through a new phone, tablet or whatever.

Granted they can help in some aspects. My current problem is that I need to make a few extra thousand dollars before a trip to the states. I have chatted with people about it and the best we have come up with is mowing yards on the side. So I have done what I can online and with the phone but now I need to go get the mower,  go to houses to get the clients and so on.

But I still keep checking Facebook hoping that more of the work will have been done for me or that I can even do the work while laying in bed and between games of ‘Cut the Rope’.

I know that many astounding things have happened online so i don’t rule it out, but I will always firmly believe that somewhere along the line the, “metal has to meet the meat” as they would say in army terms, to have something beneficial happen for you and another party.

What are your thoughts, is being on your device all day starting to feel like a vacuum as well?


Different Portable Devices

I am often asked about different portable devices at my work, so I thought I would just give a rundown of why you might want to get each device.

*  E-readers:
If you love reading and read for long periods at a time, than an e-reader (with the e-ink that looks like an etch n sketch) is great in that it is easy on the eyes.  Also e-readers (at least my Kindle) have a very long battery life and most can hold thousands of books.  Not good communication or internet devices.

*  Tablets:
You can read from a tablet if you so desire, but it is much harder on the eyes and you cannot read for as long.  I can tablets the “show and tell device”.  You can show others charts, pictures, and notes easily, but it is not the greatest for creating content, though you can without too much fuss, it is not as of yet a replacement for your laptop or desktop.  I have found my tablet to be great at organizing my work information and tasks…and of course it is great with all the digital forms of communication such as skype, chatting, and social networks.

*  Phones:
Most smart phones are just as capable as tablets, but lets face it, we don’t want to stare at a tiny screen or have a massive phone.  Before having a tablet this was not so for me, but you move on.  Smart phones are the number one devices for convenience, they are small enough to carry and have music, communication, and much more.  It is just that it is not a good a read as an e-reader, and not as showy as a tablet.

*  Netbooks:
All the stuff you can do with a computer but smaller and longer battery.  In all reality these are best for taking notes, but I found it useful for programming in .NET languages when I was taking Computer Science in college.

*  Laptops:
A full size laptop will have more power than all the above devices, but just not as portable or having a long battery life.  But sometimes you need more power and a bigger screen to work on videos, burn DVD, and have more storage (much more storage than the above devices).

*  iPod Touch/PDA:
This is perfect if you want the functions but not the plan, I wish there was an Android device (that was well know…I know there are a few things out there) that met the same market as the iPod touch.

Really it comes down to the best tool for what you want to do.  Hope this helps answers somebody’s questions.

Backpack of Time Saving Devices

(Makeup for the 14th of November)

So I got a messenger bag to replace my backpack and was going to try and have less junk that I have to carry around.  Right now I have portfolio binder that zips up with a bunch of papers, an iPhone 3gs(that is a PDA for now), and Android Phone, a Tablet, a Laptop and a Kindle.  Now the thing is these devices are “time savers” and help you be much more portable, but the thing is that each item does one thing really well so I want to bring them all with me.  Sure Apple says that the iPhone does everything, but it is in a Nazi kind of way, the Android phone also does everything but not as polished, and development can’t be done (by me anyway) on a mobile device, so I need the laptop.

Hunkering Down:

So I have come to realize that for going all over the place I just need the tablet and a phone, I am not gonna sneak in 5 minutes of programming here and 30 seconds of content building there, I usually have to hunker down and get in the zone.