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Exhausting Office

I taught four people from a large company all about PowerPoint 2010 and Publisher 2010.  And right at this moment I feel exhausted, like I just ran or got in a fight.  The two days prior, I have been anxious over it and studying everything I can to make sure that it would go all right.

I got 4’s and 5’s out of a 5 on most of my reviews, and I could tell that they learned quite a bit about PowerPoint…(maybe not so much about Publisher).

While I am exhausted, I am also really excited, it was a good money earning day and I grew in terms of being able to present to small crowds and learned more about Microsoft’s Office programs.  I am hoping to do many more of these and that it will ultimately make me debt free this year.  Though I hope not to get as exhausted every time or I will only be able to do one of these a week!


I just got my deal figured out with a nice lady that runs the Drumheller Public Library.  This is another cog in my sinister plot to not be mediocre any more!

If I volunteer at the library to teach computers and e-readers, then I will meet a lot of people, a lot of people know this town a lot better than I do, since they know this town better than I they will have information and people that they can refer me to, to get extra work.  The extra work will result in extra income and that income will result in less debt and more freedom!  Also it will give me an opportunity to act as a salesman without being pushy or obnoxious in any way, simply offer the technology solution that my day job company offers and they will surely take it or just deal with the problem for however long.

I have never been so excited to volunteer in all my life!  I have no dreams but that of the debt freedom kind.  This will prove a great instrument in this dream.

Next in line for dream fulling cogs is an extra job as a dishwasher or pizza delivery boy.  Either would be great and I hope to get them soon or at all!

Please let me know of any more cogs that can help, I would love to be debt free this year!

So I am at my computer trying to think of something to write cause I love getting more people to talk about the battle against mediocrity, I also love hearing others stories, but I am looking at my tablet and seeing in my notes that my total debt is at $25,027.  And while I know that is a good amount of money, at the same time it really is not! It just is not, an extra job,  longer hours, something can be done, and it is driving me nuts sitting here are the computer when there is something that can be done!

I’m gonna run outside, jump in the car and go looking, I will find something…and then I will have something interesting to blog about!

If you are in Drumheller, AB and you hear rocks fly and the engine roaring that would be me!

Staying Constrained in Freedom?

Since I have become a full time sales rep at the beginning of this month I have been trying to stay busy.  But with all the freedom it is hard to not waste time.  Worse yet I still feel like I am in the retail area and I have to just stay put.  So I have put some constraints on myself…

NO BUSY WORK:  I do not have to make it appear that I am busy, so that frees up a lot of time!  But I do need to work to make this sales position work.  If there is nothing that I can do for my sales position, or I am waiting for someone else to do a task or a callback, I am able to clean the house, fix up the truck or blog, write, or program.  So no busy work, just actual work and at a pace that actually makes it productive.

SET GOALS:  I need to sale so much to cover what I would make as regular retail agent, so I have set goals to that end and work.

CALL IT RELAXING AND JUST DO IT:  So with a freed up schedule I can meet you for a sales call at 7pm and I can go ahead and relax when it is 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon (that is when it is deader than dead), at first I was frantic that it is the work day and I need to be working…but if I made my contacts and my quotes, AND I will be meeting someone after work hours anyway, that I can relax, and I can call it like it is.

What else should I do?