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Holy cow I have not been blogging or getting any of the usually stuff done.  This last two or so weeks have been intense for me building for my future.  I got the book “Platform” by Michael Hyatt, and read that all the way through, then I had this feeling that I should start a video blog, I got a little excited and then let it die cause it would be a lot of work.  But the feeling persisted almost to dread if I did not do it, I kept thinking that I just could not do it or that it would be no good.  I finally just made myself do it, and here it is for you to view in this blog!

Hope you enjoyed it, I only made it like a week ago but with all I have been trying to do I just never blogged about it.

THEN I decided to get serious about my website, my previous one http://www.hartwired.com was pretty lackluster, and now that domain points to the same place as the new URL http://www.hartsoffice.com.  The great thing about this site is that it markets me, what I do for the company I work for, my teaching and coaching in software that I do for a school here in Drumheller, and what I do on my own.  The exciting thing that this brand that I am building can come with me where ever I go.  So when I do move back to Utah, or move to Germany…that all my work will not be for nought in that new location.

I love the adage that Dave Ramsey so often uses in saying, “Leave the cave, kill something, and drag it home!”  I can fight mediocrity and so can you!

What are you doing to find, kill and drag something home? (Note: of course you know this is a metaphor for finding success, no actual killing is needed unless you work at a meat processing plant of some kind…)


Too Many Good Things on the Table

Have you ever been to Thanksgiving dinner…no scratch that, Christmas dinner (in my experience they have always been better) and wanted a little of everything?  But at the same time you are hungry so you have to satisfy you gut and then worry about getting a little of everything.  Of course you can’t fit everything but you try and then you are in a food coma for a week, which around Christmas time is usually okay.

I am finding myself in a predicament where there are too many good things on the table.  The biggest problem is that each one demands (or I perceive that it demands) exclusivity.  I am mostly talking about gainful employment.  On one hand I can work a job that pays a little but I could live there until I die (if I always do enough to warrant staying there of course), and on the other I can go do Oil Field work that is crazy sometimes and dead sometimes.  Also I have my software consulting, that on a good day can make me around $300 in that day…but that is a good day, and thus far that had been about once a month, otherwise in my consulting I get a few $25/hr gigs and make about $100 a week.

For the job I have to not focus on outside things, the Oil Field I have to be away from the family for weeks or possibly months at a time and the consulting I have to do a lot of marketing on my own time but think that it will pay off once the ball is rolling.

I had the idea that I should position myself as strictly a contractor with promising no more than a month in advance of my time and talents at a job, then at the end of whatever the contract is I can choose something else or re-up a contract.  I was thinking no more than a week but I really doubt that people would go for that.

I have heard it said that good is the worse enemy of best, we will often do just good enough but never excel.  But another problem exists among perfectionist that they never move things along or do anything because it is not perfect.  My biggest problem is that I never want to burn a bridge, and that locks me down pretty tight, it is odd how you have to go back to something, like a gas station job where I have gone back twice now, but I have always left on good terms so it was easy to go back to.

Ambition maybe a problem too, although it is the thing that I like most about myself.  I don’t want to ‘just get by’, I don’t want to make payments all my life, having any debt at all destroys me inside…and this was long before I became a zealot to the Dave Ramsey system.  I guess this is just life that we all have to wade through and figure out.

Is anyone else having issues like this?  Let me know, I think it would make for some interesting conversation!

Guerilla Computing

This is my next brainchild for a book.  In all of my time helping people with computers they are most impressed by the fact that Icould get something done.  Sometimes it took a lot of mumbling and furious clicks and cutting and pasting but I get the result I need quickly.  It may not be a perfect work of art each time, but with computers and the internet that is not always a desirable quality.  It is about getting done what needs done and moving on or improving the task incrementally.

My book has topics on sundry items such as:

  1. Requirements for Guerilla Computing
  2. Old Computers
  3. Assessing Needs (in technology)
  4. No Fear (of technology)
  5. What is not Guerilla Computing
  6. The Almighty Google Blitz
  7. Technology is a Helper not a Contractor
  8. The Right Device for the Right Job
  9. The Ever Present Poser
  10. Learning and Growing Pains
  11. Multimedia
  12. Torrenting
  13. Social Media
  14. The Unholiest of Time Sucks
  15. Becoming a Webmaster
  16. Learn about Spaces..Giga, Mega, and Kilo Bytes
  17. Be Healthy
  18. Programming (If you really want to get in the think of it!)
  19. Zombies
  20. Brand Wars
  21. Open Source Software (OSS)
  22. Portable Apps
  23. Backing Up
  24. Networking

Now this is not a book that will teach you all these things in depth, but will give you exposure to the vast array of things many computing guerillas are well versed in and helps them be extremely productive.  Granted many people would be happy to get someone to do these things for them, but I know there are a lot of people out there who want to get their hands dirty and jump into the chaotic jungle that is Guerilla Computing!

It Looks so Good!

I have been experimenting on being more graphically minded than just functionality, this is the new harts office app, it is free and I plea that anyone with an android device took a look and give me any feed back, on my call to action, on the look and feel, any other problems or suggestions that you see. The screen shots are not updated so you will have to download to see.


My blog is available inside this app too!

Good to Great by Jim Collins Review

I don’t even know where to start with this book, I listened to the audio book and it was great to have the serious tone of the author repeat areas of vital importance.

This book was a comparison and dissection of what made companies go from good to great, and why their comparison companies who had almost the exact same resources and situation floundered in mediocrity.

One of my favourite concepts was the ‘Stop Doing List’, with everyone making great, big, hairy to do lists to keeps themselves busy and productive, these great companies had Stop Doing Lists that helped them stay on track.

Another concept is that technology does not make you great, it accelerates what is already great, I have been saying and thinking this for years…mostly because I forget, technology does not work for you…it is the funniest to think about when you get a time saving device and you make a to do list, only to become overwhelmed and not do anything on the to do list on your technology anyway.

The Stockdale paradox, is one of the most important concepts to grasp, you will have to read (or listen) to the book, if you want to understand this…I predict that your life will be a lot less painful…you will not die of a broken heart…which is always good.

This book is a must read for anyone trying to break away from the mediocre.  This book will build a hope in the slow steady progress of what you are trying to do.  Just read it, don’t be dumb, read it!