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Time with Benefits

Last Sunday I gave a talk in church. I was really grateful for the opportunity because it made me realize that I am rather unorganized with all my success information and that I lacked focus.

When writing my talk I wrote a little gem about time and procrastination. It had to do with washing dishes. Simply put, dishes may require about a half hour to wash, dry and put away. I do not like doing dishes but accept that they just need to be done. I procrastinate thinking that it will be easier later, or that maybe the wife will end up doing them. The gem I found is that a half hour will pass, I can guarantee it will pass in the next half hour that you read this or any time that you set a half hour timer…that half hour is starting now and will end in exactly a half hour.

THE DIFFERENCE is wither or not you did the dishes. The half hour that passed wither you wanted it to or not, could have yielded a benefit if you did something with it. Which comes to the point and fallacy about procrastination. You CANNOT SAVE TIME, and in many ways you cannot save your personal energy as well. If either fallacy were true we would have couch potatoes with all the time in the world and enough energy to run a triathlon any moment they wish!

Knowing about these fallacies have helped me tremendously. When I want to procrastinate I just remember that I want each possible hour or half hour to have a benefit when it passes.


Having an Internal Website

For many of the places that I have worked I noticed that there was a lot of information about where to login and passwords and even resources that the company uses.  Also for myself there is a lot of information about what I teach and what I can do.  Plus there is a lot of personal stuff that I need to keep track of, thus I have created my own internal site that I can use for my entire existence!

First off make sure it is a nice template that you are working from, since you will be staring at this quite a bit.


Then you need to have the main things that you focus on life.  I have my home page here and the links above you can see that I have Business Aspects, Reminders, My Projects, Blogging, and Metrics.

Business Aspects:

When you are trying to run the business of you there is a lot to think about.  Your mission statement, how you are marketing yourself, your clients, what you are doing to improve and so on!


As you are developing your business you can continue to add to this page.  This is also very helpful if you get lost in what you are doing, or you forget what you are all about.


This is huge!  There are a million little things that we need to be mindful of throughout the day,  I always forget about them, so I made a reminder page with lists.  You will also notice that I added an audio player (this is easy with HTML 5) and this has a podcast that pertains to the list above it.  When I really can’t get into what the list is telling me I can listen to the podcast as a reminder.



There will be no picture here because I have not worked on that page yet.  But there is a whole art form and science to blogging that is rather overwhelming to me.  So here I will have those aspects to look at when I am writing a blog post.


I love having this readily available!  The best way to do better at something is to keep track of it.  Here you can see my app ad revenue and my app sales (profit) per month.  This is also very useful when I want to show someone what I am doing and how I am making progress.  I also have how many Facebook and Twitter followers I have and a lot more that I am putting in later!


Lesson Plans:

The last 2 pics I will show you have to do with my lesson plans for teaching software programs.  There is simply too much information for me to retain and recall.  Also it is really hard to switch gears from teaching web development to Excel.  So this solves that problem!


At the bottom of my site are links to the various lessons that I teach, when I click on one I get this:


These are not links right now, but when they are they will go to the part of the page with content to teach on these subjects.  Then when I want to go back to the top I will have a link under each subject that will take me back up.

Some Cool Stuff to Remember when Making your Internal Site:

*  You do not have to make it look perfect, this is not for the world, this is for you.  Add things as you think of them and as you need them.

*  Put this on your Android tablet!  I put this on mine and you can only view it correctly with Chrome for Android.  But my tablet is always on and always ready, I wake up in the morning and turn it on to have some direction and clarity about who I am and what I will be doing that day.

If you need some help on creating an internal site please let me know, I would be glad to give any pointer or help with development (as time permits).