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Exhausting Office

I taught four people from a large company all about PowerPoint 2010 and Publisher 2010.  And right at this moment I feel exhausted, like I just ran or got in a fight.  The two days prior, I have been anxious over it and studying everything I can to make sure that it would go all right.

I got 4’s and 5’s out of a 5 on most of my reviews, and I could tell that they learned quite a bit about PowerPoint…(maybe not so much about Publisher).

While I am exhausted, I am also really excited, it was a good money earning day and I grew in terms of being able to present to small crowds and learned more about Microsoft’s Office programs.  I am hoping to do many more of these and that it will ultimately make me debt free this year.  Though I hope not to get as exhausted every time or I will only be able to do one of these a week!


Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I downloaded this 3.3 gig .iso and installed it last night, completely installed over my latest Ubuntu install that took me two days to figure out and have ready to demo to people. I was thinking that it would be fun to check out for a little bit and then install something over it.  But I am still on Windows 8 typing up this blog post. So it was a lot better than I expected.

At first I was not happy that there was no start button, but if you hit the Windows key then you get the Metro start menu with live panels.  I have starting using Mail, Music, Pictures, Remote Desktop, and….of course…solitaire!

Better than I expected, I was able to install 32bit Microsoft Office 2010!  And not only that, but the office applications load in seconds.  I have never experienced such speed in powerful applications when I was using Windows 7.

Microsoft’s Live Writer 2011 was able to install with some support packages, so I am able to blog from the comfort of a native Windows application.

Starcraft 2 installed and works great, I played and even won the first game.  It seems to run smoother as well!

I am really excited about this release, it seems that they actually made it better, I imagine that they had to make it less bloated so as to run on tablets and phones and what not, but I am really impressed over all.