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Focus on Steps

I made a rather large goal shortly after becoming debt free. $40,000 in savings by December 15, 2014… This has been eating me up as of late, especially since we bought a new vehicle (2005 Chevy Suburban) which ate up the nice cushion of money that we did have.


As I was wallowing in torment over this I was reading others blogs from feedly and got some good insight. Insight about making goals smaller, more reachable or really just working on the smaller goals that will lead up to the larger one.

This eased my burden and I decided to worry about the closer things and than worry about the large hairy goal later.

So now I will focus on getting around $2,000 for repairs on this newer vehicle and then $2,000 for our trip to Utah in July. That takes my problem from $40,000 $4,000 only a tenth of the size!

Now granted I still need to do something extravegant to get that surplus money. But it is not such a mighty beast to vanquish!

Have you made a massive hairy goal that you need to step back from and attack something smaller?


Opportunity cost is a concept where you are missing out on something when you do something else.  So if you sleep in, you are missing out on what you could be doing in the morning, likewise if you get up early in the morning you are missing out on getting more sleep.

This is a concept to keep in mind when we are playing video games, watching TV or any other number of things.  Is there something else more productive that you can be doing or that really needs to be done?

Sometimes we just need to relax so don’t think that you can never watch TV because there is always something better to do.  But just don’t let the trash stink up your house cause you are watching the tube all the time.

Going along with this is how much you spend on things vs what you make an hour.  I make $10/hr washing dishes at night.  I got McDonalds that other morning and it cost around $10…so that took an hour of my income, it makes you think when you are not enjoying that hour at work…how far do you want to stretch that $10?

Just some food for thought, are you weighing the opportunity costs and using your hours of income the way you would like?

Holy cow I have not been blogging or getting any of the usually stuff done.  This last two or so weeks have been intense for me building for my future.  I got the book “Platform” by Michael Hyatt, and read that all the way through, then I had this feeling that I should start a video blog, I got a little excited and then let it die cause it would be a lot of work.  But the feeling persisted almost to dread if I did not do it, I kept thinking that I just could not do it or that it would be no good.  I finally just made myself do it, and here it is for you to view in this blog!

Hope you enjoyed it, I only made it like a week ago but with all I have been trying to do I just never blogged about it.

THEN I decided to get serious about my website, my previous one http://www.hartwired.com was pretty lackluster, and now that domain points to the same place as the new URL http://www.hartsoffice.com.  The great thing about this site is that it markets me, what I do for the company I work for, my teaching and coaching in software that I do for a school here in Drumheller, and what I do on my own.  The exciting thing that this brand that I am building can come with me where ever I go.  So when I do move back to Utah, or move to Germany…that all my work will not be for nought in that new location.

I love the adage that Dave Ramsey so often uses in saying, “Leave the cave, kill something, and drag it home!”  I can fight mediocrity and so can you!

What are you doing to find, kill and drag something home? (Note: of course you know this is a metaphor for finding success, no actual killing is needed unless you work at a meat processing plant of some kind…)

Too Many Good Things on the Table

Have you ever been to Thanksgiving dinner…no scratch that, Christmas dinner (in my experience they have always been better) and wanted a little of everything?  But at the same time you are hungry so you have to satisfy you gut and then worry about getting a little of everything.  Of course you can’t fit everything but you try and then you are in a food coma for a week, which around Christmas time is usually okay.

I am finding myself in a predicament where there are too many good things on the table.  The biggest problem is that each one demands (or I perceive that it demands) exclusivity.  I am mostly talking about gainful employment.  On one hand I can work a job that pays a little but I could live there until I die (if I always do enough to warrant staying there of course), and on the other I can go do Oil Field work that is crazy sometimes and dead sometimes.  Also I have my software consulting, that on a good day can make me around $300 in that day…but that is a good day, and thus far that had been about once a month, otherwise in my consulting I get a few $25/hr gigs and make about $100 a week.

For the job I have to not focus on outside things, the Oil Field I have to be away from the family for weeks or possibly months at a time and the consulting I have to do a lot of marketing on my own time but think that it will pay off once the ball is rolling.

I had the idea that I should position myself as strictly a contractor with promising no more than a month in advance of my time and talents at a job, then at the end of whatever the contract is I can choose something else or re-up a contract.  I was thinking no more than a week but I really doubt that people would go for that.

I have heard it said that good is the worse enemy of best, we will often do just good enough but never excel.  But another problem exists among perfectionist that they never move things along or do anything because it is not perfect.  My biggest problem is that I never want to burn a bridge, and that locks me down pretty tight, it is odd how you have to go back to something, like a gas station job where I have gone back twice now, but I have always left on good terms so it was easy to go back to.

Ambition maybe a problem too, although it is the thing that I like most about myself.  I don’t want to ‘just get by’, I don’t want to make payments all my life, having any debt at all destroys me inside…and this was long before I became a zealot to the Dave Ramsey system.  I guess this is just life that we all have to wade through and figure out.

Is anyone else having issues like this?  Let me know, I think it would make for some interesting conversation!

Ears Irrigated

I got my ears irrigated today, I am one of the lucky 1 out of 4 that has a genetic disposition to produce the stickiest of ear wax that nothing short of going to the doctor and having them flush it out will do the trick.

That being said I feel a million times greater! My throat still feels spiky and I am still annoyed that this head cold thing has lasted almost two freaking weeks, but now that I am on the mend I am realizing all the great opportunities around me! There is so much work to do that I dunno if I should hunker down at the computer for hours or run around. Programming gigs, consulting gigs, second job, and selling!  Then of course you have to consider being a dad and a husband and the wife would like to sleep in once in a while too and needs a break from the kids from time to time.  So I am going to try and be as active as I can the rest of this week.  I say week cause I might feel overloaded if I think farer ahead than that.

The biggest thing is that I can’t get overwhelmed…just one thing at a time and whatever thing I am working on gets my entire focus. Well here I go!

I was washing dishes tonight at my second job thinking about how scary it is that I am not doing well at sales in my first job.  I am absolutely sick about it, and I really don’t want to have to face the boss.  It is not that he is gonna do anything terrible to me, I just have this weird mental deficiency that I think the world is going to end if something unpleasant happens.  I was washing dishes and I had to trick my freak out gland (not really a gland but some sort of parasite and has attached itself to my heart), that there was nothing to freak out about, I keep telling myself, “I’m not afraid, what’s the worse that can happen?  I’m not afraid.”  Then I realize that I really am terrified!

Why am I so fearful?  What is it that I am afraid of?  How is it that I can think that everything hinges on a single job?  When I am calmed down I can ask myself these questions, but if I let myself continue to ask more and more along these lines the freakout gland gets a rush of ‘freakosine’, swells up and makes my heart work ten times harder!

I am actually doing pretty well, I got a bunch more classes on computer programs to teach (a little stressful that I have to make the curriculum and then teach in front of a small group…), I have the money to get the MS Office suite that I need, and we are all caught up on bills for this month.  I am open and honest with my wife about what is going on and she (I am fairly sure) is open and honest with me about how she feels and what we can feasibly do with what we have.

I am assuming that a part of it is because I am sick and my throat has been in a lot of pain the last week, and now my ears are clogged with my genetic ‘stickier than most’ ear wax and everything seems like I am watching a boring movie that I have to pro actively participate in.  I was fairly excited about a marketing idea that I thought might turn the tables, but the boss is not for it at all, so that is a little stressful as well.

This is one of the reasons that I am so adamant about getting out of debt, so that the parasite on my heart may be removed once and for all!  Then I can say with confidence that “I am not afraid!”   I think I will try and find some scriptures on this matter, I am sure there are some good ones!

$10k to Move

I was talking to a good friend that has a great job in Texas.  I went on my two year mission to Texas, so I know a little bit about the place.  My friend has a computer job that he really likes, and him and I have had some of the same people in Utah that were the pits to work for, so I know when he says he likes it that it is a sweet deal.

So I sit down with my wife and tell her all about it, then I start getting counsel from others.  I was talking to my dad and he brought a punch of reality to the table.  To just get my family and I there would cost around $5,000.  That is just the moving!  Then there is the getting car insurance, damage deposit, and all the other things that come with moving, so another $5,000 would be needed just to get settled in.  The job is higher paying than what I have here in Alberta, Canada, but that would still be close to a third of my annual wages.

So I won’t be braving the move…but I have started brushing up on learning Linux System Admin.  It involves so many things that I have learned and know how to do, it sounds like a great place to work, the area even sounds nice!  But if we did somehow get $10,000 saved up we would pay off the last credit card.

So I have to get myself to be real, and also make sure I tell myself that I have the worse “the grass is always greener” goggles that any human being could possibly have.  So I am here, I have to do what I can here, and I can’t leave here unless I really excel in some money producing activity.  So my biggest hope right now (I think) is doing the computer coaching.  Maybe I will go door to door with a flyer, get an ad in the movie theatre ($80/mo), and put an ad in the education catalogue for the adult learning centre that I teach at currently ($100 one time and it goes to 8,000+ homes in the area)…the once in a blue moon I get a teaching opportunity.  I could make an audio cd to leave with people that talks about computers…there are so many awesome things I could do here! ……. Except that I am flat broke, broker than dollar store toy on Christmas.  But for around $500 to make a good push for the next few months would be completely worth it! (I also need to buy a legit copy of Microsoft Office 2010).

Life is so full of possibilities, yeah they may cost something, but think of all the things that could be accomplished!  This post was more for me to really hammer out what I want to do at this pivotal stage and now I think I have a bit of a road map and a goal!  I suppose the first goal would be to drum up that extra money.  Yep that is the goal, I need $500 extra, that is not for anything else but my marketing.  IF YOU KNOW a way to get that money you better tell me….I would really appreciate it!

So I was fishing through some blogs to find some interesting conversation to join, and I ran across a blog post of a lady that was responding to a very rude communication with a guy that told her not to promote her business on his blog or something like that.  When you go through her post you see that there was a link and it was very tactful and non-intrusive.  It just got me to thinking, blogging is promoting!  By the very act of blogging you are taking what was in your head and giving it for the whole world to see, and you want feedback, you are selling and promoting YOU.  And why not, you are an amazing product, no?

With my blogging I am shamelessly (yet tactfully I hope) promoting me, as a person, as a would be company here soon I hope, as an Android developer, as a web developer, as a writer, and as an intelligent person who wants to have intelligent conversation with people.  If you do not want to promote or be instrumental in anyone else promoting in any way shape or form, then just get off the blogs.

I hate that I have spent so long while growing up thinking that sales was a sleazy profession of con artists, while that could be true of a salesperson, a good sales person is a service oriented one who properly qualifies their customer and does what is beneficial, and the commission is a bonus side effect.

I just wanna give a head up to my readers and anyone who may stumble across my blog or other writings.  I will be promoting my book(s) on the this blog, I will be promoting a new android app that I make, or anything else I produce.  What I will try and not do is continuously solicit business such as development or writing gigs.  I think once I make something good I will let people know and that will be plenty good enough for me.

Lets be friends people, what do ya say?

I Feel ‘Wroughted’ Upon

In the Book of Mormon 1st Nephi 13:12 it says

“12 And I looked and beheld a man among the Gentiles, who was separated from the seed of my brethren by the many waters; and I beheld the Spirit of God, that it came down and awrought upon the man; and he went forth upon the many waters, even unto the seed of my brethren, who were in the promised land.”

This is supposed to be Christopher Columbus who sold over to the America.  I have always wondered about how that all went down, yeah he went for one reason and was suppose to go to another place and ended up going to a whole new world.  The more you know about that historical account the more you know that he overcame so many odds and fought so hard to make that trip.  From the scripture above you can see that God had a hand in it as well!

Lately, this last week especially, I have been having little anxiety attacks, pining for more opportunities and more work! I want to do more, more, more! In the midnight hour mo…..well you know what I mean.  I know that I am capable of so much but yet nothing is happening, I have a dozen things that I think are in motion and none of them are producing any results.

Listening to my motivational podcast and reading the same in books is now driving me nuts, it is time to act not be acted upon.  Time to leave the cave, kill something and drag it home!  Computer programming, painting, babysitting, oil changes, anything of which I am competent I want to be doing from the moment I wake up till late into the night!

Please let me know how you handle such a strong unfulfilled drive in your own life!

I hate hearing from almost everyone, “Money can’t solve your problems.”  Honestly?  Do you know what the problems are?  They are debt, student loans, car payments, bills, etc etc.  Granted money can’t buy you happiness but it sure could free up the time so you can figure out that whole happiness thing.

When listening to Dave Ramsey’s Radio show I love when he says, “You don’t have a budget problem, you have an income problem.”  Saying this about someone who is budgeting, and saving, and going without and guess what?  They still are not making it.

The way I figure it (the start of this sentence comes from my Texas days), if we expect to have a running car, go to the dentist, have hot running water and be able to get on the internet whenever we want, then money solves these issues.

I fear that many have corrupted the meaning of the verse:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10

If you read it then it says the ‘love’ of money, meaning if you are in a bad spot if you neglect your family or other things that deserve your love.  Also it says ‘coveted’ that word meaning to desire something that does not belong to you…so wanting money that you did not earn NOR deserve.  Here are some other scriptures that Dave Ramsey pointed out:

“Give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to your eyelids.  Deliver thyself as a roe from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler.” Proverbs 6:4-5

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” Proverb 22:7

It is not evil to make money, to make lots of it, and save it and take care of your own….who know maybe when you are filthy rich you can help those around you…weird thought eh?  Just balance, it is possible to work too much and then be estranged from family, I have heard that a few times from people who worked in the Oil Patch here in Alberta.