I remember in High School and maybe even Jr. High, that everyone was going to write a book, a deep, 50 volume, non-stop page turner book that would grace the world with it’s presence…and it was going to make them rich…not that, that mattered…but still.

It has been almost a decade since I graduated from a little school that did packets for those kids who slacked off and ditched all their classes, and yet I have not heard of much being done from all those who were going to write a book.

I have a good friend who actually has started working on a book, and it has over 177 pages!  I was able to read her draft over this last week (I think might have read it in 3 days) and it was really good!  I wanted to know how it would end.

It is exciting to see (and read) people I know doing something they enjoy and have pride in, it is a sad state for most people after they graduate High School and then slowly but surely, die a little each year as life hold nothing interesting or exciting for them.

I hope that the book is finished soon and that she writes many more to come…is that is what she wants to do. And I will give a review on the book when it is finished…and I learn how to do book reviews…

Until then, tata  (play Offspring – Smash – Exterlude  music here)