I got my ears irrigated today, I am one of the lucky 1 out of 4 that has a genetic disposition to produce the stickiest of ear wax that nothing short of going to the doctor and having them flush it out will do the trick.

That being said I feel a million times greater! My throat still feels spiky and I am still annoyed that this head cold thing has lasted almost two freaking weeks, but now that I am on the mend I am realizing all the great opportunities around me! There is so much work to do that I dunno if I should hunker down at the computer for hours or run around. Programming gigs, consulting gigs, second job, and selling!  Then of course you have to consider being a dad and a husband and the wife would like to sleep in once in a while too and needs a break from the kids from time to time.  So I am going to try and be as active as I can the rest of this week.  I say week cause I might feel overloaded if I think farer ahead than that.

The biggest thing is that I can’t get overwhelmed…just one thing at a time and whatever thing I am working on gets my entire focus. Well here I go!