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It takes Courage to Blog!

I just purchased and have been furiously reading Michael Hyatts book “Platform”, it has an overwhelming amount of great information about blogging and social media, but something really struck me and has been resonating in me the last few days:

“If we are going to create wow experiences, we must become courageous. This is a personal, psychological bridge we need to cross. What we want to create—that wow experience—is on the other side of the ravine. There’s no other way to get there from here.”

Hyatt, Michael (2012-05-22). Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (Kindle Locations 634-636). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

I thought that was fairly neat as I read, then I continued on and the usually fears cropped up:

* I should be doing something else…
* I should stop reading and look for my lost bluetooth…
* Doing the things in this book will take too long, so why bother…
* Go get a real job and just deal with it…

This is the best way that I can put some of the fears into words, but really it is a dreadful feeling that just wants to deter me from doing ANYTHING.  But this quote has really helped me, it pointed out that there would have to be some courage involved!  That being said, there would be fears to overcome, inaction to defeat, and sacrifices to be made if I want to get to where I want to be.

The worse fear is the future projection of failure, I have at least a good two solid times (that I can still remember clearly) being in a situation of absolute horror, bills were due, no money was coming in, the job I had at the time was shaky or I was unemployed.  The feelings I have had at those times resurface just long enought to say “Don’t go for it, get somewhere safe, keep low, keep quiet, don’t get noticed, they can’t hit what they can’t see…” a terrible mindset and a perfect path to staying mediocre.

I have many ideas that come to my mind and excite my whole being, but I almost never act on them, here is another impressive quote from Hyatts book:

“Listen to your heart. Most of us have spent a lifetime ignoring—or even suppressing—our intuition. I don’t know if this is a product of modern rationalism or American pragmatism. Regardless, I believe intuition is the map to buried treasure. It is not infallible, but neither is our reason. And it can point us in the right direction. We need to pay attention to this inner voice.”

Hyatt, Michael (2012-05-22). Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (Kindle Locations 682-685). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

The biggest thing is that listen in this sense means to ACT.  To do, if my heart and mind and spirit or whatever is telling me to do a video blog, then I should DO IT.  This has been a tough one for me and I still have not got it started, I just dunno what to say on the camera or how to act.  Courage, I need it really bad!

So I am asking you, how do you build your courage?


I am so gun ho and desperate to work my way out of my mess.  You just saw the post with the Building Wealth mind map and you can see that I am stretching as far as I possibly can.  Today, after being at my day job, I started my dish washing job at a small restaurant in Drumheller.  It pays $10/hr and I was hoping to work from 5pm to 11pm…but instead it is from 5pm to 8pm, so about $30 or so bucks a day I can expect from this gig.

Then as my little shift there drew to a close I got a text from the lady that bought my laptop saying she wanted to refund it cause her Windows Vista, with every gadget and everyone auto starting spamming application that you could think of, hard drive that she put in runs hot.  I usually would say “as is deal with it.”  But in a small rural town, where I will see her every other third day…I can only envision misery for myself…so I will refund the computer for $300…but hey after 10 days of washing dishes I can make that up.

So I was all excited and now I am all down in the dumps like.  And I promised myself no Starcraft since it wastes so much of my time (my vow is only until May 11th…), and I really don’t want to waste time watching TV.  I dunno what to do, I want to figure out how I am gonna make more money and get out of the mess that I am in, then I am gonna figure out how to move back to where I was before…yeah the pride will be hurt, but there are at least three jobs I could walk right into, and I could have my hand gun back on my hip and my best friend and many good friends are around there.  The grass is greener syndrome, that is the biggest reason I am sucking it up here and just going for it, that and I have to have some money if I am to move…and I act to rash and have cognitive distortions…so that is my day and night, thanks!