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A Hand from the Past

We always seem to have those moments when we look back and think that we have accomplished nothing. As if no goals have ever been met. Nothing we intended to write has been written. And absolutely no progression is being made whatsoever other than the prolonging of our existence.  I was having such an episode the last week when I remember that I wrote a book…I wrote this book when I was in much worse shape than I am now, and that book really did the trick!



The book was “How to Survive as a Complete Failure” and it has the log of things I did to get through when I was in the depths of failing. I read it a night ago and wanted to have contempt and say that the advice would not work for me…but I wrote it, and there were examples of when that advice did work for me. Which after I get over my pity party, got excited that I could do things to make my life better and I have proof that it works and that I actually wrote it down!

I am considering putting this on Kindle Self Publish, it is only 27 pages at the moment, but perhaps I will go through it once (correct spelling and grammar and whatnot…), and any new stories or experiences and call it the 2nd edition.

This blog is exactly the same thing. When I see people asking about how to start a blog, or that they want to write but they are not writers, I think of this blog… Which I have neglected at times, but have still written. When looking back on some of the post I reveal in the fact that “this is not the most terrible thing I have read!”

A big thank you for those who have been following this blog, keep a lookout on Kindle store for the “How to Survive as a Complete Failure” book!

What accomplishments from your past give you a boost?


We live in a time where negativity is force feed to us daily.  We are overwhelmed by it and then we perpetuate it to all those around us.  We need to combat it if only to not end up wallowing in depression for the rest of our lives!

I thought of this when I was having a session with my marketing coach and we talked about how we can talk Dave Ramsey language since we both listen to him.  We also brought up Dan Miller, Michael Hyatt, and Dale Carnegie.  I finally had to give him the explanation on why I listen and read from all these people.

It was because of the overflowing surge of negativity that I deal with everyday!  At first I could blame it on all the external factors of people telling me I can’t and that they just won’t. Then the news and politics.  But then my own internal powers of perception and overthinking fuelled that negativity to the point where I sit in front of my computer and the first thoughts ate “why do you even bother?”, “You know this will be a waste like everything else you have done…”, “I just want to blown my brains out….”  Forgive me for being so gross about it, but these are the thoughts that dominate my mind if I do not aggressively seek to replace them with something better.

And I have replaced it with something better, over and over and over again.  And I need to keep doing this until the day that I die an older than dirt man in his 90’s who did not blow his brains out.

The marketing coach was extremely impressed with what I did to win his business.  He contacted me on Twitter and gave me a free session, then told me the price to continue.  I was loathing in my self pity because I am broke and I really wanted to continue with the marketing coaching cause I so badly want to work for myself.  I was listening to a 48 days podcast by Dan Miller and he spoke of the mobile app developer that just made an app and presented it to him, and the chain of events that lead that person to be working full time making apps and was very happy.  So I shook of the despair long enough to make an app for this marketing coach and told him I would love to barter for some coaching sessions…and he agreed!

Just think if I had succumbed to the negativity that oozes all around me and would not even make the effort to listen to that podcast, I would not have made that app and I would not have the coaching and mu problems would have for sure worsen by the hour.

So what are some ways to fight back again negativity? Here is my list:

1. READ!!!!!

I read scriptures, motivational books, and twitter feeds from motivational people.

2.  Listen to good podcasts

Yeah if you listen to the same podcasts you will get a lot of the same, but hearing a person’s voice who has struggled and then succeeded and now offering you hope and nuggets of wisdom to become better, you tend to keep those things in your mind.

3.  Eat healthier

Trust me, unless you are a freak of nature or you have always watched you diet, you are not eating healthy enough.  I drink a bunch of soda and wonder why my body feels like trash all the time.

4.  Find people to improve yourself with

This is really hard, people want to do things for themselves, and somehow doing something with someone else takes away from them…I have not been able to enact this fully yet, but I know that it is important.

Suck it up Princess!

This should be my family motto.  Not that we are jerks to each other all the time (there are those months…), but if we are on a constant pity party it is only a matter of time before you hear someone in my family or friends finally say, “Suck it up Princess!”  Even more unpleasant is when my older brother just half listens and says “Poor Michael, poor, poor Michael.”  Whenever the conversation hits a lull.  I was thinking one night that I really do need to suck it up, but I know that I will be gun ho for a few days and then I will burn out, and to-do apps only help so much, I need some way to gauge my habitual health, keep track of all those little things that need to be done daily for emotional, spiritual and financial health.

The idea slapped me in the face, it is so simple, we all know those graphics in computer and video games that show your health and your shields, I could make an app (I am thinking it through right now) that takes wither or not you did a habit or chore or what have you and based off the number it will have a widget on your android desktop that shows your health and shields!

My biggest problem is that when I have hope in something that I have done or in some situation to boost my income or improve my life and it falls apart, I tend to shut down and literally do nothing for a period of time, making things worse until I finally just suck it up and do all the little things that will bring me back to full steam.

The app will have a check list with the following items:

  • Wake up on time (whatever that might be) +1
  • Brush teeth morning +1
  • Read Scriptures +1
  • Reading something good +1
  • Working out for an hour (must be at least an hour) +1
  • Breakfast +1
  • Lunch +1
  • Dinner +1
  • Chore 1 +1
  • Chore 2 +1
  • Chore 3 +1
  • Did not waste time (especial to starting something leisurely and allowing it take up too much time) +1
  • Go to bed on time +1
  • Brush teeth night +1
  • Self improvement +1
  • Abstaining from an addiction +1
  • Multiday project +1
  • Write in Journal +1
  • Did not complain (this is harder than you think!) +1
  • Work hard, honestly and diligently at your employment +1
  • Did something social +1
  • Morning prayer +1
  • Night prayer +1
  • Couples prayer  +1


This is something tailored to a religious person, but the principle of the app is universal.  Also these items are really tailored to me, but I think that everyone can benefit from making sure they do all of these things.  The biggest benefit I see from this is that you have a graphically representation that will let you know how you are doing, is your little game character struggling and almost dead?  If so, why?  Then just start doing those little things.  I am not a person that will say if you are busy you are successful, but this little things are not much and they make a huge impact on your day to day living, I know that some things hold more weight than others but why not try to get them all in your habits?

The tricky part to this app is that it will calculate your health by tallying the last 7 days, since little things need to be habits and good things done for yourself have a short shelf life, but if you have been good at doing them over the last week you are more built up to take on life for the present day, and if you slack the prior weeks cannot help you, just the last seven days.

I am really excited about this app and hope that it is a big help to me and to anyone else trying to fight the mediocrity of their own lives.  Yes all these things might seem mediocre themselves, but how much worse is it when we do not do these things?

Is there anything I should add to that list?  Anything I should take away?  Any app suggestions for this particular app?  I have not even started it yet, but the planning phase is exciting so I think the whole app will awesome!  Thanks for reading!