It has been a restless night and an odd day, in light of the events Amy and I slept very lightly, the kids cried here and there through out the night, except these time when they did it filled us with absolute horror, if we had candy and soda pop at our disposal we would have given it them, well at least I would have.  Every rustling noise keep us on the defensive.

Oddly enough we still had power, light could be turned on, but we left them off, I was weary to use the toilet, but did not want to deal with any waste in a bucket or something so we used the bathroom, taking turns using the toilet, then peering down the stairs past the dresser that blocked it and then flushed while I kept guard at the stairs and Amy and my daughters stayed huddled in out bedroom.

When it became light outside I looked out the bedroom window to see about a dozen people roaming around, definitely zombie like, some of my first thoughts were, that I would have to somehow tell my boss why I will not be coming into work, then I realized how absurd that was, if my phone has no service and demonized people are lurking about, I am sure he is not too worried about me showing up.

Amy and I discussed late into the night what was happening and what we are going to do about it.  It dawned on us that we have no access to guns.  I have a hand gun in the states, but the hell I went through at the border about owning a gun that I left in Utah gave me no desire to bother with any kind of gun, since guns make you evil for whatever reasons.

We had a little bit of food that Amy brought up stairs when she secured the house, she says that it was just reactive, she noticed things going on outside and just covered windows and grabbed the essentials and then worried about keeping the kids quiet. But she told me last night of all the little odds and ends that we needed.  Baby supplies and some more food, but almost anything would be worth getting upstairs to help our situation.  So I needed to go downstairs and get what I could.

I climbed over the dresser that blocked the stairs and with arms and legs shaking…I could not get rid of the image of the lady that was banging on my truck and the cruel demon face that she was making…I slowly stepped down the stair, making sonic booms of creaks all the way down.  I peeked my head around the hall wall and did not see anybody. I gathered what I could from the main room, then I heard some tapping at a window, and without even thinking just turned around and walked upstairs.

Most of our efforts were trying to keep our two daughters as quiet as we could as to not attract any more of these zombie like creatures towards our house, I need to make a run to the basement since a lot of our food that can last at ambient temperatures is down there.  But for some reason it seems absolutely dreadful to go that far, like I will be cut off from the family or they will not be safe or any number of things could happen.