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Trying to have patience

After reading a few blog posts about patience and how we are the microwave society etc etc… I decided I will try to practice a little more patience.


This picture of my daughter Chloe expresses exactly how I feel when I finally accept that I must be patient…

I was transferring ownership of two of my Android apps for $1200, and I was very excited to apply this toward the credit card that is almost paid off.

Of course there were hiccups, Google had to manually transfer so that took a day, then they transferred them to the wrong account…that took another two days to get one in the right account and another day on top of that to get the second app in the right account. And then waiting for the buyer to notice and get the money sent to my Paypal.

And even while writing this I am waiting 3-4 business days for the money to be transferred from Paypal to my bank…then…when my wife send the money from the bank to pay the credit card, that will basically take a week (I think visa set it up to try and trick people into late fees but that is neither here nor there).

For the part of this process that is done I had many internal impatient fits. I wanted to email Google a hundred times until they did their end right away, I wanted to take all my savings and throw it at the credit card, I wanted what I wanted right now! 

But patience paid off, I still have savings and I was able to put the extra income towards the credit card.  I am still wildly impatient but I keep it in check knowing that acting hastily only makes things worse.

How do you deal with times where you know you must exercise patience? 


This may be a silly post, but this topic is something that has ruined both my productivity, and my relaxation…and most importantly my sleep!  We all have done this to some degree or another.  We have a busy day, we think we will catch up on a few work tasks or just take care of things at home, or even work more on our side jobs or projects.  But we remember we have to get up bright and bushy tailed for the next morning…so we (well at least I) fret over wither to stay up and work on stuff or just go to bed, so I work a little on something feeling guilty or anxious that I am not in bed.  Then while in bed I feel anxious about not working on something.  Long story short I get nothing done and I get no restful sleep.  So the brilliant thought came to me to just decide right at the end of work if I will stay up late this night!

I tried this out and it was magical, that may be a bit much, but it really did help, I decided one night I am staying up and just got to work on what I needed or wanted to do, knowing that I would stay on the project until it was done or at least at a good stopping point.  Likewise I decided I was going to go to sleep early and I did so (with the aid of sleeping aid!).  Oddly enough I still hate getting up in the morning, but at least it is not a bipolar battle to get things done in the evening or just enjoy my quiet time to relax, sleep, ponder, read, or veggitate.